[Packt] Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node [FCO]

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By : Haider Rehman
Released : Wednesday, January 30, 2019 New Release!
Torrent Contains : 36 Files, 6 Folders
Course Source : http://www.packtpub.com/web-development/full-stack-web-development-vuejs-and-nodejs-video

Create full-stack reactive web applications with Vue.js and Node.js

Video Details

ISBN 9781789345094
Course Length 2 hours 40 minutes

Table of Contents


Video Description

Vue.js is a versatile, approachable, and performant open-source JavaScript framework for building UIs and has a maintainable and testable code base. In combination with modern tools and support libraries, Vue.js will incrementally scale your projects to a solid and robust architecture.

This course will help you develop effective and maintainable full-stack web applications using Vue.js and Node.js. You'll start by building the frontend to a songs playlist application, to log in, create a new playlist, and search through YouTube videos. You'll learn how to build a scalable Vue.js frontend that can work well in combination with a Node.js backend application.

Next, you'll learn how to consume data from a third-party API within your application as well as how to perform CRUD operations against a locally hosted API using the HTTP client Axios.

By the end of the course, you will have an understanding of fundamental Vue.js concepts and will know how to use its state management library, Vuex, and its frontend routing library, Vue-router. Also, you'll be confident in building powerful and performant frontend web development using Vue.js.

Style and Approach

In a practical manner, you will learn to implement various Vue.js modules, components, and features in order to build frontend applications and integrate the backend with Node.js for complete full stack web development, with a focus on the frontend.

What You Will Learn

• Build the frontend to a songs playlist application, search videos and add them to the playlist, and give them a label and rating.
• Learn to set up a blank Vue.js application on a Node.js server.
• Learn about the HTTP client Axios to consume REST APIs to get data.
• State management using Vuex and frontend routing using Vue-router.
• Learn how to work with the Node.js backend of the application to persist data in the frontend.
• Work with Vue libraries and modules that are useful for any SPA, such as unit testing and server-side rendering.


Haider Rehman

Haider Rehman works as a DevOps and a Software Engineer for a well known software company and has over 8 years' experience as a developer. He has a Master's degree in Telecom Systems and a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication; after obtaining these, he switched to programming in IT and telecommunications to get a feel for the industry.

Haider enjoys hanging out with friends, music, and coding.

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[FreeCoursesOnline.Me] [Packt] Full Stack Web Development with Vue.js and Node [FCO] 01.Getting Started with Vue.js
  • 0101.The Course Overview.mp4 (12.3 MB)
  • 0102.First Step Towards Vue.mp4 (4.6 MB)
  • 0103.Setting Up Vue Using Node.js.mp4 (11.5 MB)
  • 0104.Basics, Directives, and Reactivity.mp4 (15.2 MB)
  • 0105.Vue DevTools.mp4 (14.2 MB)
02.Building a Project with Vue.js
  • 0201.Installing Vue-CLI and Creating a New Project.mp4 (10.3 MB)
  • 0202.Tour of Project Files and What Are Single-File Components.mp4 (10.1 MB)
  • 0203.Using Axios to Consume a Third-Party API.mp4 (13.9 MB)
  • 0204.Creating Custom Components and Importing Them.mp4 (16.4 MB)
03.State Management and Routing
  • 0301.Installing Vuex and vue-router and Adding Them to the Vue Instance.mp4 (14.2 MB)
  • 0302.Vue Core Concepts and How to Implement – Part 1.mp4 (21.6 MB)
  • 0303.Vue Core Concepts and How to Implement – Part 2.mp4 (19.0 MB)
  • 0304.How to Use vue-router and Router Links.mp4 (23.6 MB)
  • 0305.Application Structure – Part 1.mp4 (22.3 MB)
  • 0306.Application Structure – Part 2.mp4 (9.2 MB)
04.Setting Up the API
  • 0401.Putting Together the Sample API Code and Adding to the Frontend Application.mp4 (29.8 MB)
  • 0402.How to Set Up the Database.mp4 (19.5 MB)
  • 0403.Demonstration of API in REST Client.mp4 (12.7 MB)
  • 0404.Creating an Account and Then Authenticating Getting a Token – Part 1.mp4 (18.4 MB)
  • 0405.Creating an Account and Then Authenticating Getting a Token – Part 2.mp4 (17.8 MB)
05.Create, Read, Update, and Delete with Node.js
  • 0501.Setup Login Page, Functionality and Adding the User – Part 1.mp4 (17.3 MB)
  • 0502.Setup Login Page, Functionality and Adding the User – Part 2.mp4 (15.4 MB)
  • 0503.Using the API to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Items – Part 1.mp4 (26.1 MB)
  • 0504.Using the API to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Items – Part 2.mp4 (16.8 MB)
  • 0505.Using the API to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Items – Part 3.mp4 (22.9 MB)
  • 0506.Using the API to Create, Read, Update, and Delete Items – Part 4.mp4 (22.5 MB)
  • 0507.Using the Vuex Store as a Single Point of Contact to the API.mp4 (16.0 MB)
  • 0508.Testing.mp4 (27.3 MB)
  • 0509.Security.mp4 (21.2 MB)
Exercise Files
  • exercise_files.zip (3.8 MB)
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